The Nik Zoricic Foundation strives to ensure safe training and race environments for all ski racers. Safe conditions for athletes is very important to ensure success. Each training and race environment should have sufficient, proper, and in-working condition safety equipment at all times to reduce the potential risks or serious injury.

our grants

The Nik Zoricic Foundation has purchased and provide numerous rolls of B-Netting and Safety Equipment for numerous events and training days.

The Grants are to help ski resorts, clubs, and programs in Canada purchase safety equipment.

All awarded Grants are an up-to/matching amounts. The NZ Foundation will fund no more than 50% of an order for Ski Racing Safety Equipment. This means that the NZ Foundation will match up to an approved amount produced by the applicant.

Join us in making safety a priority at your ski resort, club, or program to minimize the potential risks and serious injuries in ski racing.

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

  1. Ski Resort/Club/Program operating in Canada (member of ACA and a PSO)
  2. Demonstrate financial need
  3. Complete all aspects of the Application Form
    1. How the grant improves ski racing and training safety
    2. How matching funds will be produced
    3. Plans to improve safety and what has been completed to date
  4. Provide proof of a hill that is used for training or competition (provided by ACA or PSO). Eg. Hill Homologation

Eligible Equipment

Includes but is not limited to:

  • A net,
  • B net,
  • Padding installations for man or natural objects,
  • The product must increase the safety of athletes while competing and or training. The NZ Foundation will not accept applications for timing equipment, uniforms, gates, etc.

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by The NZ Foundation Safety Committee and Board of Directors.

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Your donation will help us to drive the foundation and support our safety initiatives and athletes on their quest to success.


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