Athletes have the ability to be incredible contributors to society. Athletes inspire, create and lead. They are role models and demonstrate values by showing us what we all are capable of if we commit ourselves to excellence.

The Nik Zoricic (NZ) Foundation as a Not For Profit under the laws of Ontario, strives to support these athletes as our ambassadors of Ontario and Canada while supporting the development of ski sport in general and its safety in particular. We envision supporting other registered charities whose missions complement ours in terms of the development of ski sport and safety initiatives. NZ’s mission is to support the growth of ski sport in general while minimizing the risk of serious accidents happening due to lack of safe conditions and training.

Athletes cannot excel if they need to be worried about safety conditions, or about access to the right developmental opportunities. Rewards from competition cannot be achieved when injuries, or worse, death, occurs.

The Nik Zoricic (NZ) Foundation strives to support athletes by facilitating the continuous advocacy of the importance and implementation of safety initiatives in sport.

The impact that athletes have in the environments they are part of, be the schools or working establishments, are substantial, as their work ethic, commitment to excellence and teamwork reflect on others. The rewards they carry to these endeavours can be substantial, particularly when these skills are properly channeled.

The Nik Zoricic (NZ) Foundation strives to support these athletes achieve long-term success by providing proper education on the opportunities available to athletes through sport.

our commitment

In delivering on the Foundations mission we will:

  • Demonstrate Integrity and Inclusivity;
  • Promote academic and athletic excellence; and
  • Provide full transparency and accountability.

We are committed to working hard at supporting athletes in Canada both locally and nationally.

Our goal is to:

  • Support training initiatives that provide athletes with unique opportunities to learn from their peers and coaches;
  • Support safety initiatives both financially and by advocating its importance; and
  • Shape athletes into positive role models embodying tenaciousness, perseverance and determination.

the nz athlete's oath

As an athlete, I pledge to work my hardest in pursuit of my dream. I acknowledge that excellence is not an act, but a habit. I pledge to support my fellow athletes in their endeavors, to display sportsmanlike conduct at all times, and to provide an example for other athletes as leader in my field.

All Athletes participating in programs sponsored by the Nik Zoricic (NZ) Foundation will be athletes that exhibit the characteristics that uphold the NZ Oath. They are individuals who exhibit grit, determination, and camaraderie. They are individuals who push the boundaries of athleticism and lead through inspiration.

The starting point of the NZ Foundation (Bebe Zoricic)

"The starting point of the NZ Foundation" -Bebe Zoricic


The Nik Zoricic (NZ) Foundation Board of Directors consists of long-time athletes, champions of sport, and prominent businesspersons. The Board is responsible for establishing fiscal policy, assisting, and overseeing volunteer work and overseeing the Foundation activities to ensure the accomplishment of the Foundation goals and objectives. They will ensure that the Foundation activities provide a positive and lasting difference made in the lives of athletes.


Your donation will help us to drive the foundation and support our safety initiatives and athletes on their quest to success.


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